I READ with interest

the comments of your three correspondents about my criticism of Sir Kim Darroch

, the UK’s British ambassador in the US (HAS, Jul 16) and what I considered to be a lack of diplomacy on his part.

It was unlucky for him that his comments were leaked, and it will be interesting to discover who revealed them. Despite the criticism I have not changed my opinion, however.

Before all this blew up I had never heard of the ambassador but now his name is very much in the public domain.

Surely a brilliant diplomat should use language that no one can take offence to but can still get their message across unless there is an ulterior motive.

I wonder, sounding a little suspicious, if there is a book in the offing as he is nearing retirement and that this incident may provide an interesting chapter. I may be wrong – only time will tell. I shall keep looking in my local bookshop. I have to admit; however, I have not done an in-depth search into the life of the ambassador – I’m sure he is a very nice person.

Mike Taylor, Darlington