THE letter from E McKeown from High Pittington regarding speeding (HAS, July 13) set me off about our High Street at Carrville which is like a race track with cars, lorries, buses and motorbikes.

I live about half way down and do lots of working outside, and the racket from exhausts and souped up engines is horrendous. The speed limit is 30mph but I have seen instances when motorcycles have been doing wheelies at 70mph.

There is a speed sign but it has no teeth and is only on at certain times.

If you are going over 30mph it lights up with your speed indicated but does not give you a ticket.

It is in the wrong place as there are far too many obstacles which automatically slow these idiots down. By the time they get to my house they are flying.

High Street, Carrville must be one of the busiest roads with huge trucks and lots of buses flying up and down from dawn to dusk. We never see a policeman or woman at Carrville and if they did put up a speed camera that gave you a summons it would solve the national debt.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville, Durham