SIR Kim Darroch is described as a senior British diplomat who has served as the British Ambassador to the US from January 2016 until his resignation on Wednesday.

I am not surprised he found it necessary to resign. He certainly gets no sympathy from me.

It was naïve of him, and certainly not very diplomatic, to describe the American administration as inept.

I am not a diplomat but if I had been in his position, and felt the same way, I would hopefully have said something along the lines of "the American administration appears to be struggling a little".

Nearing his retirement, I wouldn't be surprised if the ex-ambassador wasn't anti-Brexit and decided to stir things up a little between the UK and the US.

Sir Kim should have known better. He made it very hard for a possible future UK PM to support him totally.

Mike Taylor, Darlington

AFTER the revelations of Sir Kim Darroch's thoughts on Trump and his administration, I'm just wondering what he thinks of the UK Government's handling of the Brexit negotiations and Universal Credit fiasco, etc.

Or was he too scared of biting the hand that fed him?

R Marshall, Esh Winning