I’M bowled over by the claim that £20 million could have been contributed by the 70,000 spectators at the recent Chester-le-Street cricket matches (Echo, Jul 5).

This would be equivalent of each visitor spending an additional £286 during their time in the area.

It is highly unlikely that local supporters would spend more than what would be necessary on refreshments before and after the matches, even if local attendance accounted for 1% of the total this what put the average contribution nearer the £300 mark.

During my visits to and through Chester-le-Street around 10am and 6pm I saw many hurrying from and to the railway station without pausing to use the town retail outlets, whilst at the later time the town looked no more populated than normal.

I can imagine however that there would be a significant burden on the cricket club’s finances by the provision of, or changes to, the infrastructure at the Riverside required by the organisers and local enforcement agencies.

I would be grateful if those who have ownership of the breakdown of the extra millions in revenue could make this public.

I am pleased and proud we took part in this global event, but I’m less than confident in the figures quoted by councils and self-serving organisations.

B Jackson, Sacriston