THE headline (Echo, July 5) “HGV ban to be permanent” confirms what I have thought for a long time. Unlike Durham, North Yorkshire County Council cares about people.

As Councillor Lindsay Burr said: “The top priority has to be the health of residents.” She went on to add: “It is now safe to push our prams and walk up and down Malton and Norton.”

Would that the same thing were true in Barnard Castle. Instead Durham County Council still refuse to do the same for us.

Not to mention allowing the slow destruction of Abbey Bridge and the Butter Market at the same time.

And please do not use the old excuse that most stop in the town. I have followed several in my car, though the town. Only one went to Glaxo (accessible via the A67 anyway) the rest did not stop. Can anyone explain the difference between the two councils’ reactions? I think I can.

Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle