IT was good to read your story "

Rights relinquished for Teesside Airport name

" (Echo, Jul 3).

What was bad to read is that the businessman Chris Joseph, who owned the intellectual property to the name "Teesside Airport", was subjected to "personal attacks" by some people for not relinquishing the name and for asking for £250,000 to give it back to the airport.

While we may disagree with other people's positions and views on issues, personal attacks and abuse are uncalled for in a fair open democratic society.

Many will have disagreed with the Brexit Party turning their backs when the young people were playing the so-called EU national anthem at the first EU meeting since the May EU elections.

This, along with EU Liberal Democrats wearing yellow T shirts with the crude "B-----ks to Brexit" statement on the back of the T-shirts, could be classed as puerile, childish or infantile.

However, in a democracy we all have the right to peaceful protest and to object without personal attacks or abuse.

On Teesside Airport regaining its name, let's put this behind us and look forward to a successful airport.

George Dunning, Ormesby