I WAS dismayed to read the headline “

Garden Village schemes move closer to reality

” (Echo, Jun 28).

The new council does not seem to have learned any lessons from the past and the outrage expressed by residents at the proposed and defeated library move, the devastation visible now at Blackwell, the throughabout on Haughton Road etc.

Now we have the prospect of 4,500 houses being built on a stretch of beautiful, unspoilt countryside with woodland, hedges, the River Skerne running through it and varied wildlife habitats. There are also numerous public footpaths.

Has Heather Scott actually visited the area and enjoyed this peaceful place?

As many families now have two wage earners there could well be at least another 6,000 cars to add to the congestion on North Road.

Surely there must be other sites for houses if we really need so many more.

Margaret Moyes, Darlington