A RECENT survey carried out by the Child Poverty Action Group and the Church of England has discovered that the two child limit for tax and universal credits has put a toll on family life.

According to the survey, parents are cutting down on food, building up debts and stopping buying extras such as music or swimming lessons.

The report goes on to state that already government policies have placed one million children in poverty.

This two child limit will push them further below the poverty line.

I completely agree with the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, who has had the courage to state that the Church of England believes that children are a blessing, and that a third or fourth child are just as precious as a first or second child.

He went on to say that it was unjust to give support to some children and deny it to others.

As Universal Credit is rolled out, this two child limit will cause further misery to a greater number of families.

This cruel measure should be withdrawn as soon as possible.

Andrew Dowson, Bishop Auckland