I REFER to James Cowan’s letter (HAS, Jun 22) re the new County Hall building.

At the Cabinet meeting in February 2018, it was me who said that if we had to have new offices, consideration should have been given to the Aykley Heads site, or opposite the new fire station at Sniperley.

However, what is wrong with the current building? It is central, accessible and iconic, but those who know everything get consultants to cost out refurbishment, and dare to state publicly, that to refurbish will cost £75.8m, believe it, or possibly not!

I for one don’t accept that.

If any blame needs apportioning it needs pointing in the direction of all the Labour councillors who voted it through.

If Keir go into administration like Carillion, the ‘suits’ and Labour hierarchy will have more egg on their faces.

The problem is Joe Public is getting stuffed again, yes you’ve got it, by the Labour Party, and Joe, hopefully won’t forget it, next time you all come knocking on the door.

County Councillor John Shuttleworth, Durham County Council