CURRENTLY 0.3 per cent of the electorate is intent on electing a new Conservative Prime Minister, who wants to bring about a no-deal Brexit.

This is not something we voted for in 2016, when Brexiteers were saying that making a deal with the EU would have been the easiest thing.

In 2016 Brexit was a vague proposal underpinned by false promises.

Nowadays Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are not prepared to accept anything but a hard Brexit. However, a hard Brexit requires a backstop and they reject this as well, thus pushing the country towards a damaging no-deal Brexit.

The EU wants the backstop to protect the peace agreement in Ireland. But isn’t protecting peace in Northern Ireland also in our interest?

A recent YouGov poll has shown how little members of the “Conservative and Unionist Party” care about the Union, as the majority would prioritise a hard Brexit over safeguarding either the economy or our Union with Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Hasn’t the time come for the whole electorate to have the final say?

We need a referendum on Theresa May’s deal, with remaining in the EU as the alternative.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, Durham