YOUR front page (Echo, Jun 18) reports on concerns about the detrimental effect on the town centre of proposed commercial developments.

It concludes with a report that our Labour MP has previously warned that the infrastructure will not cope with the hundreds of cars visiting the site.

I think that an even bigger problem for our infrastructure will be the very large vehicles delivering to and collecting from the distribution centre.

The lengthy Labour council rule of which she was once part has ruled over a mishmash of main roads. We have three-quarters of an inner ring road, a third of an outer ring road and two-thirds of a cross town route.

The present proposal is a new road from the A1150 to join the A1(M) at Coatham Mundeville.

This is still a long way off, so we will have to suffer our present system for many years.

And, if it is ever started, will it, like all other schemes, never be completed and will traffic have to use narrow country lanes to reach their destination?

The large vehicles going to and come from the South will not be a problem as they can use the outer ring road and join the A1(M) at junction 57.

Only the section through Blackwell is unsuitable. The northbound traffic is the problem.

Probably the preferred route would be Whinfield Road, Salters Lane North and the A167 to join the A1(M). However, the first section is already heavily overloaded most of the time and will be even more so with the extra traffic generated by the development.

Adding large vehicles will exasperate the problem. The alternative is the A66 to join the A19.

We should therefore ban vehicles above a certain weight from using Whinfield Road and Salters Lane and force them to use this second choice.

Brian Fiske, Darlington