DURHAM City MP Roberta Blackman-Woods does not need Margaret Purdom to defend her (HAS, Jun 17).

I was at the meeting which our MP chaired to discuss student accommodation and the site of the proposed new bus station.

The majority of the meeting was taken up discussing student accommodation leaving very little time to discuss the bus station.

If Councillor Stoddart had not spoken up loudly, could I suggest the bus station would not have been mentioned due to lack of time.

Cllr Stoddart, who is an alderman of our city, was verbally abused at that meeting because he was not a resident of the city and he lives in Ushaw Moor and dared to speak about a Durham City project.

At the last meeting, I attended the public were asked what they wanted on the existing site, and responded a bus station, toilet and benches to sit on. Wow, what a vision!

I am not defending Cllr Stoddart and not attacking our MP Roberta Blackman Woods.

At the first meeting tension was high, there was a lot of repeating of facts regarding student accommodation.

Could I suggest Margaret Purdom checks her facts.

Cllr D J Southwell, past mayor, Durham City