Gove’s Hypocrisy

’ (HAS, Jun 14) is to be commended for the way he holds to his Socialist views even though I personally disagree with some hardcore socialism he espouses.

I also agree with some of his comments regarding the hypocrisy of Michael Gove and his admitted drug taking before becoming a minister, but I then start to move away from some of his comments.

I would not want any impressionable young person being taught by a drug snorting teacher, or by a teacher who openly supports taking hard drugs, nor do I support recreational drug use.

While espousing his justified contempt of Mr Gove and his rich elite friends for drug taking may I remind Mr Gilmore of some salient facts concerning the past drug taking of rich Labour government ministers.

Jacqui Smith, former Labour Home Secretary, Alistair Darling, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Harriet Harman, Labour deputy leader and a host of other prominent Labour MPs and ministers have all admitted to the illegal use of cannabis in years past. Most recently Labour MP Keith Vaz was outed for using male prostitutes for sex and apparently offering to “cover the cost of cocaine” while not using it himself.

The use of hard and illegal drugs and the hypocrisy surrounding them is not the sole domain of the rich Tory elite and their friends. Many Labour politicians including those who are rich and privileged have also indulged, a fact overlooked or ignored by Mr Gilmore.

John Walker, Newton Aycliffe