I WOULD love the UK to leave the EU with a good deal with a clean break but genuinely wish to continue good relations with our neighbours.

I don’t think the other EU members want to assist us with the clean break. The reason is monetary.

Those MPs in Parliament who are against a no-deal are concerned it would be bad for their constituents as it might make them all poorer and they don’t want the responsibility for doing that.

To ease their consciences, therefore, why don’t they have a by-election at the earliest possible date which could be fought purely on remain versus leave with no-deal if a deal suitable to the UK cannot be obtained.

If the vote went against them they would lose their seats, but they would be leaving with a clear conscience.

The matter then would be brought to a conclusion.

The UK however should continue to attempt to negotiate a good deal but as a result of the possible divorce payment should be laying down the conditions.

The vote to leave had a majority of well over one million.

No-deal should not be taken off the table – bargaining power is needed.

Mike Taylor, Darlington