JUST 24 hours after hearing our Prime Minister and her cronies on the glorious BBC TV and radio praising our Second World War heroes, we are informed that Government has told the BBC to find a way of taking away the licence which is free to anyone aged over 75.

I do hope Jeremy Corbyn is as loud as he was on TV after winning the Peterborough by-election when he and his party fight this scandalous proposal.

The problem of reduced revenue for the BBC can be quickly rectified by not paying millions of pounds to personnel it classes as stars.

It should also reduce the number of news correspondents and so-called experts. A lot of the experts you only see once and there is at least one of them for every report wherever it is from in the world.

I strongly believe that people reaching the age of 75 after paying in all their working life should be looked after and not suffer the indignity of means testing, I am sick of hearing blame being put on the ageing population for the state of the UK.

There's no mean testing when it comes to vote seeking.

John Danby, Durham