a wonderful report (Echo, June 8)

of school mentor, Caron Harrison, of Middlesbrough, saving the life of 18-month-old Hunter Nicholas, who was choking having swallowed a coin.

In the same edition there was much publicity given to celebrities and others receiving CBEs and OBEs for their services to their respective industries.

Having been told of Hunter's situation, Caron sprinted to Hunter's house to administer first aid which she had been trained in.

Caron has been nominated for an award for her actions but in view of the way the above awards are freely handed out, surely no one deserves to receive one more than this life saving person. In addition, perhaps she should be invited to the Palace for a personal meeting including tea.

I do wonder why it has taken 18 months for an award to be even considered. Surely there can be nothing greater than saving life. There is nothing wrong, however, with the St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes award currently being considered.

Mike Taylor, Darlington