JOHN CUMBERLAND seems to be an admirer of Donald Trump (HAS, June 5). He argues that Trump has only "put his country first".

This is a rather surprising analysis, given that when Donald Trump had a chance to put his country first during the Vietnam War he managed to dodge the draft on four separate occasions.

Yet, despite Trump’s clear lack of endeavour when it came to fighting for his country in Vietnam, he was Theresa May’s guest of honour at the D-Day celebrations.

Another example of Trump putting his country first is his legislative programme.

Despite all the bluster, Trump’s most important piece of legislation gave the biggest tax cut in world history not to the American people, but to the giant corporations and the richest one per cent.

This enormous tax cut for the rich and greedy was paid for firstly by huge cuts in state medical aid which have left millions without health cover and secondly by increased taxes on ordinary Americans.

Trump is a complete charlatan and he has done absolutely nothing for ordinary people, except make them poorer and less healthy.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland