D-DAY commemorates the Normandy landings which began the push to defeat the far-right forces which had wreaked havoc in the Second World War.

Following defeat of these far-right forces, Europe began consolidation of peace with the objective of preventing a repeat of such a war.

To monitor any possible manufacture of war tools, France, West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg signed a steel and coal production agreement which saw the beginning of what we know today as the European Union.

From this agreement, almost 70 years ago, 27 countries have joined the EU in collectively promoting culture, freedom, trade and peace supported by eminent politicians, including Sir Winston Churchill, who incidentally was Prime Minister at the time of the Normandy landings which we are now commemorating.

We now have national politicians and international leaders who would threaten to reverse this past 70 years of European stability by withdrawal from the EU to follow divisive policies of the right.

Alan Kelly, Ferryhill