ALAN JORDAN, a Remain supporter, advises (HAS, June 1) that “there is little public support for leaving the EU with any form of deal”.

How wrong can he be! Leavers would love to leave with a deal, but in view of the foolish divorce bill, it must be a deal on the terms of the UK.

That is a clean break from the EU but wishing to remain on friendly terms with them.

That has never been in question. Why would the EU object to that?

Obviously they wouldn’t receive our weekly subscription but in return the UK wouldn’t receive any further money from them.

As we pay in annually approximately £9bn more than we receive that could be a reason.

If, however, with a more forceful approach from the UK, the EU still refuses to be more co-operative then, to put an end to the saga, the UK leave with no deal and retain our £39bn. At least the UK will have tried.

If UK businesses suffer for a little while so will those of the EU, this is because the UK had a tremendous trade deficit with the EU.

It was encouraging to read a Remainer include no deal as an option even though there should never be a second referendum.

Mike Taylor, Darlington