IT is positively ridiculous to accuse Durham City of being "saturated with drink" and saying that drinkers are becoming "increasingly disruptive, and creating a hostile and unpleasant atmosphere", as the local MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, did in the House of Commons (Echo, May 21). Incidentally, I’m an 80-year-old man.

The only unpleasant, miserable time in the city that I’ve noticed exists in the working days of the week Monday to Friday. Friday evening plus the weekend are very lively, invigorating and great.

Pubs and eating places get packed, and money flows into the city. I’m always saddened when the university students go after their exams because it’s wonderful to be in their company when such energetically spirited young people are about.

I think our MP should do something about her staid, constipated, tired attitude, and start enjoying the great atmosphere of life in Durham city centre at weekends.

During the week and even at weekends the police are invisible on those so-called "wild west" streets.

John Cresswell, Durham