WHEN the EU referendum was approaching, all those remainer moaners were bellyaching about the consequences of leaving on the economy with the gloom and doom of Project Fear.

Well, it never happened. In fact, we have prospered.

Now we have the situation where Prime Minister Theresa May has given away too much in the negotiations even taking no-deal off the table in return for no concessions from the EU.

Now we potentially have a new Prime Minister looking to leave without a deal. While Parliament won't entertain the idea of no-deal despite of the referendum result and that fact that the EU refuses to renegotiate, there is no choice for the UK but to leave with no deal.

Mrs May never was fully committed to leaving the EU and has fudged the whole issue throughout the last three years. I consider her to have been deceitful to the electorate and to have act quite contrarily to what she stated in public.

The remoaners are now launching Project Fear 2 and I pose this question to everyone of them: how do you know the worst will happen?

People in the UK are resilient enough to make situation work for the best outcome and that has been demonstrated through history. I am convinced the same will happen in the case of no deal. We don't want to let a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in the EU get the better of us, especially as they have been bleeding this country dry for the last 40 years.

I would not be surprised if there was a General Election soon that the Brexit Party would knock the stuffing out of the Labour and Conservative parties to change the nature of politics in this country for the good of the country.

Colin Telfer, Darlington