I WONDER how many people have noticed the similarity between the results of the European elections and the mayoral election in Hartlepool in 2002?

The main political parties have derided Nigel Farage as being an upstart interloper into their cosy government nests – he makes far too much noise.

Similarly, the establishment derided Stuart Drummond – Hartlepool United’s mascot – when he dared to stand against them to be Hartlepool’s mayor.

In both cases, the interloper appealed to the people and beat off the establishment who had been disdaining their wishes.

Are we seeing the same again where the establishment will unite against the outsider rather than saying to themselves "maybe he has a point"? After all, politics is too important to be left to the people!

Incidentally, Stuart made a good job of the mayor job. Let’s hope that Nigel Farage can emulate him before the establishment destroys him.

Anthony J Foster, Peterlee