THE European elections were very good for the Brexit Party, were good for the Liberals and the Greens and terrible for the Tories.

However, socialists should not hide from the fact that Labour did very badly too.

Whatever you think about the Brexit Party, the Liberals and the Greens, at least you know what they stand for on the issue of Europe, whereas Labour is all over the place and if you sit on the fence your policies are seen by most voters as unprincipled and consequently you get shot down.

Not much blame should be attached to Jeremy Corbyn for Labour’s current debacle, although he should be firmer with the anti-democratic wing of the party who do not accept the referendum result.

However, the real blame for Labour’s troubles rests with the majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party who seem to regard the mostly working class 17.4m who voted leave as uneducated, racist riffraff.

There is genuine anger among working people about the way the economy and society are run, but the pro-remain wing of the Labour Party, like the Brussels bureaucrats, offers more of the same, which is growing inequality, low wages and life-long insecurity within the EU.

By ignoring justified working class anger, they have allowed ruling class opportunists like Farage to ride the tide of discontent and redirect it against immigrants and minorities.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland