DOES County Durham really need or want Uber? I don’t think so.

A strong, functioning government, and local councils would have a regulated transport policy, quickly making a decision, that Uber is not welcome in the UK, then banning them.

A well run local council would employ ‘for buttons’, in effect, a few taxi marshals to keep things right.

Taxis seem to operate well in Sunderland City centre. No cheating, orderly taxi ranks etc.

Could Durham, not bring in new rules and regulations to manage taxis in County Durham, particularly Durham City.

There could be two new taxi ranks, in Durham City with taxi marshals every evening.

They would be equipped with cameras on them, and radios to communicate with each other. Monday to Wednesday just one taxi marshal would probably be needed, with two to three from Thursday to Sunday.

Taxi marshals would improve the situation a lot in Durham City I believe for not a great expense at all.

Stephen Vallance, Chester-le-Street.