THE milkshaking of Nigel Farage shows just how stupid some are.

Love him or hate him, Mr Farage was following his beliefs walking around Newcastle when he had a milkshake thrown over what I'm sure was a very expensive handmade Saville Row suit.

What a big and clever thing to do. I wonder if Tyson Fury would have taken it so eloquently as Nigel did.

Then you get Gordon Brown on his soapbox huffing and puffing and demanding to know where the money is coming from to fund Farage's campaign. Surely not that old chestnut, especially from a disgraced ex Prime Minister who not only showed his true colours back in 2010 calling Gillian Duffy “that bigoted woman”, but also sold off our gold reserves for the price of copper wire. The money he lost would have paid to run every party in the country for a very long time.

It's a shame when failed politicians have to resort to scraping the barrel just so they can get themselves back in the limelight.

Like has-been actors and singers, they should give it up. Is there not a home for these menaces where they can battle among themselves, pea shooters at dawn.

John Cumberland, Rushyford