WHAT to me seems undeniable in the remain/leave debate is that a too vigorous defence of the leave decision matched by heartfelt, sometimes insulting arguments for remain have forced an entrenchment which does justice to neither side.

We, the remainers, tend in our defence of the ideals at the heart of Europe, and the immense benefits, social, cultural and economic, we see as accruing to the UK as a result of our membership, to forget that all was not well in Europe.

I need only point to the treatment of Greece as an example.

Those arguing in good faith for leave in defence of an illusory sovereignty and independence have unintentionally spawned a raft of toxic groupings, thriving on a justified discontent with the status quo, which we must pray do not reflect their ideas and ideals.

Surely it is better to hold on to what is positive and noble in what we have, whilst working together from within to reform that supranational entity which alone offers a way to uphold our values and combat those ills which beset us all.

David Cragg-James, Stonegrave, York