WE are informed that it is Noise Action Awareness Week according to Hambleton District Council, (Echo, May 21).

In the past year,

343 complaints about noise have been investigated by officers

from the council, apparently.

The council leader, Cllr Mark Robson, claims that officers are urging anyone affected by concerns over noise to get in touch with the environmental health team, who also acknowledge that noise complaints are recognised as second only to air pollution.

How then does Cllr Robson explain the fact that the same local authority’s planning department is in the process of recommending approval of a planning application at Newby Wiske that will bring 500 children per week into a conservation area village, utilising zip-lines, 17metre high climbing/abseil towers and noisy games until 9.30pm each evening?

In their bid to seek publicity at every turn, it does not seem to matter what double standards Cllr Robson and his officers apply.

Oh, and incidentally, the applicant’s plans have the support of the very same environmental health team that Cllr Robson asserts is there to investigate complaints and support residents.

Carol Bowe, Newby Wiske, Northallerton