SORRY to butt in on the daily Brexit-fest of Hear All Sides, but I was out for a walk the other day and noticed that that the single-track road bridge that crosses the River Wear beneath the railway viaduct near Witton Park is still closed.

Apparently, the road has been closed for many months and now, according to a notice nearby, the bridge is a dangerous structure.

I don't know how the locals feel about this (maybe they are happy for it to be closed) but it seems to me that anyone driving to Witton Park from the north has quite a detour.

On Durham County Council’s website there is a message saying the road is closed indefinitely.

Motorists are taxed at every opportunity to use the roads and if, as the sign says, the bridge is a dangerous structure, should it not be a priority to get it repaired or replaced and back into use as soon as possible.

D Smith, Crook