YET again Durham County News, a council taxpayer funded publication produced by Durham County Council, arrived unsolicited through my letter box this week.

Some of the information contained within was, I suppose, fairly useful. For example, it provided details about forthcoming events at Durham’s Gala and Consett Empire theatres.

But what I objected to was placed within the publication – although admittedly not a part of it – a pamphlet urging me to vote Labour at the forthcoming European elections, with a picture of Jeremy Corbyn on the front.

If this council-produced rag is published at the council taxpayer’s expense – which it is – then it should be politically neutral.

I am not writing this as an ardent opponent of the Labour Party – I have a great deal of respect for my local MP – but I strenuously object to political leaflets being posted within county council produced publications.

Neil McKay, Lanchester