IT was disappointing to read (Echo, May 15) that only 33 per cent of the Darlington electorate voted in the local elections.

After 40 years of a Labour controlled council, a change was due. It will be interesting to read the first publication of the council's One Darlington magazine, assuming the title remains the same.

However, I appeal to the electorate to vote in the forthcoming European elections, especially if you are a leave voter. Vote for the Brexit Party and encourage others to visit the polling station.

I know the election should not be being held but due to the softness of our politicians we are where we are.

This is not a general election but if the leave vote is strong, it will send a warning to those presently sitting in the House of Commons.

Why do remainers continue to state that people voted to leave to stop immigration (HAS, May 15). May I reiterate once again the aim is to have controlled immigration – that is an effort is made to see who is entering. I call that security.

The correspondent goes on to say: "We need foreigners to do the low paid jobs we are unwilling to do ourselves." What a damning statement!

Mike Taylor, Darlington