THE forthcoming European elections look set to be a contest between leave and remain.

It seems likely that many leave supporters are going to vote for the Brexit Party, probably mostly as a protest vote against the way that the Conservatives and Labour have handled Brexit, but that will not stop Nigel Farage claiming that they all want a no-deal Brexit.

Unfortunately, the remain parties (Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Change UK) have failed to agree an electoral pact for these elections, and there is thus a danger of the remain vote being split, handing Nigel Farage a cheap victory on a plate.

It is thus important that remain supporters vote tactically for the party most likely to win seats in their area. Fortunately someone has done this analysis (see, and for the North-East, the party to support is the Liberal Democrats.

I would urge all Echo readers opposed to Nigel Farage and the catastrophe of a no-deal Brexit to vote for the LibDems (whatever their views on the party’s other policies).

Alan Jordan, Middridge