I WRITE to point out an annoying occurrence at Howlands Park and Ride in Durham.

My wife and I have travelled to Durham City every week for several years now and have always parked at Howlands as it is very convenient for people travelling from the south of the county. To date, we have had no trouble parking there.

For the past two weeks, however, we have struggled to find any parking space at all, and it soon became apparent that dozens of spaces are being taken up by cars owned by workmen who are working on the various university building projects currently being undertaken.

They park their cars there all day and simply walk down the main road to their place of work.

When I rang Durham County Council about the issue, I was told that, as long as they (apparently) paid their £2 daily fee, there was nothing they could do about it. (They actually suggested I try Sniperley Park and Ride to the north of the city!)

One would have thought that the title "park and ride" was a clue as to how to impose any sanction.

This predicament doesn't give a very favourable impression for visitors, locally and nationally from down south if they can't even park in a park and ride to avoid clogging up the city's roads!

Why can't the university itself provide parking spaces for their workmen?

During the summer months in particular, there must be hundreds of parking spaces not being occupied by students.

It beggars belief!

Name and address supplied