CLIMATE change has given us the hottest and coldest weather on record.

We have Brexit extremes, leave at all costs or remain as we are.

The Muslims living next door for 30-odd years, never any trouble, are now subjected to a torrent of abuse by many including those they have known for years all because an extreme sect of their religion has committed atrocities.

Now we have the fight for the unborn in the US where many states are making laws restricting abortions, in some even for conceptions through rape or incest, yet they refuse to tighten gun control which allows maniacs and criminal gangs to take so many lives.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has been quoted as saying she doesn’t understand why the US does not change its gun laws. The answer I’m afraid is simple. What are a few hundred lives compared to the billions of dollars of profit the gun manufacturers make?

Looking at the statistics for suicides, life no longer appears to be worth it for far too many in this world.

We are not all the same, we all have different viewpoints, sometimes very strongly but without compromise we get extremes.

Extremes don’t build lasting civilisations. Without lasting civilisation the human race is doomed ­– or is that an extreme viewpoint?

Keith Howdle, Darlington