I TOTALLY agree with D Dunbar's letter headlined "

Not first class

" (HAS, May 9) about the performance of the Royal Mail.

Before I read that letter I thought I was being picked on by the post persons!

I received a Christmas card posted December 18 in York on January 15. A parcel from Harrogate posted April 18 was returned to Harrogate marked "address unknown" despite having the correct name, address and postcode. It was re-sent and it arrived in Richmond on May 1.

The same week I received a letter in Millgate addressed to Millcroft.

There is also a tendency to bend greeting cards (first and second class) to push through the letterbox especially when delivered with unwanted mail.

I recently found a Christmas card from years ago to my dog Shep from the then very regular postmen Eddie, Dennis and Gordon. It was signed "may your teeth remain forever sharp!" – although Shep never bit them.

Joyce Rutter, Richmond