“WERE people just voting for them (the Lib Dems and Green Party) in protest at the ‘none of the above’ option?” (Echo comment, May 4).

My thanks to the editor for trivialising the thought processes behind my election choice.

I am 73 and a Remainer on the grounds that it will not be my generation that will have to live with the consequences of leaving the EU.

The young vote certainly seemed to lean towards staying. I chose to vote Green (rather than Lib Dem) on the grounds that I have been finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between any of the main parties and, given the parlous state of the planet, it occurred to me that some kind of ethical vote might be in order.

In truth, of what use is any political party if, within 12 years, the planet will be on an irreversible downward trajectory as it fills up with more and more people, plastic and, in the case of Darlington, posh houses?

Jo Jones, Darlington