CHRIS MONCRIEFF (Echo, Apr 30) fails to mention Nigel Farage. His new party has no manifesto, as Farage only cares to tell us that he stands for “Brexit”.

It obviously escapes him that Brexit has not happened precisely because there is a need to replace his nebulous project, based on false promises, with detailed policies covering a huge range of issues.

Farage’s narrative of Brexit betrayal by a “Remain” parliament is also misleading: it has been the Brexiteers in the ERG and the DUP who have sunk Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

If our Prime Minister has been treated with contempt, it has been mainly by her own side, especially the ERG ranks.

The EU has shown more attention than the UK to the desirability to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland, that could reignite the conflict.

It would be reckless to leave without a backstop solution: Farage’s rejection of the backstop is a dangerous fantasy.

However, Theresa May is correctly held responsible for this mess: she triggered Article 50 without having a plan and she kept negotiating a Brexit deal without caring to check what would carry the support of a majority in Parliament.

Wasn’t the whole Brexit project about giving more control to our Parliament? Farage’s alternative no-deal Brexit would be an unmitigated costly disaster.

There is only one way out of this mess: a referendum on Theresa May’s deal with Remain as the alternative.

What it now increasingly clear is that leaving the EU, where we are influential rule-makers, means becoming rule-takers.

Giuseppe Enrico Bignardi, Durham