EMMA THOMPSON and her luvvie friends never see reality as they prance across the stage in their make-believe world.

Reality for me was crawling along a coal face a hundred yards long and less than two-foot-high firing the shots to bring down the coal so that the fillers could get to work.

No doubt some of the coal would be sent south so that the parents and grandparents of the protestors could be kept warm.

A high price was paid to secure this coal for hundreds of miners and even a hundred plus school children at Aberfan surrendered their lives.

For centuries the Land of the Prince Bishops was raped and despoiled by pit heaps.

Now an alternative fuel his been discovered but the protestors refuse to accept a little inconvenience. I cannot say I am impressed because we did our bit!

The protestors have questions to answer about chopping down forests on the other side of the world and shipping them to this country to be burnt.

Secondly, the importation of American shale gas in refrigerated vessels must be fabulously expensive.

Ken Wilson, Washington