THE comments by the four North MPs about the stereotyping of their constituents in Brexitland are hypocritical to say the least (Echo, Apr 18).

The "mess" in Parliament that they describe is created by MPs like themselves whose object is to scupper Brexit.

I voted leave in the 2016 referendum and expected that to be delivered.

No one has asked the people’s opinion since 1975, when we voted to remain in the European Economic Community, which was described as a "club for free trade". We were assured by the political elite that membership involved "no loss of sovereignty".

We were lied to then because our politicians knew that the ultimate destination was a United States of Europe. I don’t usually quote Margaret Thatcher, but No! No! No!

Nothing said in the referendum campaign influenced my vote. I held the opinion that we should leave for 25 years, or we would find we did not have a country, only a state.

The EEC was a good idea, but the ideologues pressed their ideas too far for most of us.

I would be happy to return to the 1975 arrangement.

If these MPs force through a second referendum, then remain cannot appear on the ballot paper – it has already been defeated.

The choice should be between a deal agreed with the EU or no-deal.

H Davies, Crook

THE four anti-Brexit MPs represent Wakefield, Redcar, Sedgefield and Newcastle-upon-Tyne North but not democracy (Echo, Apr 18).

The four advise that recent polls of Labour voters showed an increase in support for remaining in the EU.

However they do not say what was the question given. If it was just Mrs May's deal or remain, I am not surprised at the outcome. I would be really interested to know if they included no-deal in their question.

If there is to be a second referendum, may I challenge them to hold it on the following: remain, Mrs May's deal or no-deal (which has to be included).

If the latter two exceed the votes of remain then the one which receives the largest vote wins the referendum.

I know this has been stated before but their response would be appreciated perhaps by giving

them another page of publicity.

In the same article the four say that the country is in a mess – do they not realise it is because of the actions of the MPs who do not want a clean break from the EU.

That is what the country voted by well over one million to do.

Mike Taylor, Darlington