ONE must empathise with the aims of the Extinction Rebellion in London.

Both astrophysics and biology tell us that intelligent life is probably extremely rare in the universe, let alone in our own galaxy. It may well exist just here, on our own polluted spaceship, planet Earth.

We can be masters of the universe, but if we let avarice and selfishness destroy us, through global warming, who will be left to understand and explore the cosmos around us?

David Attenborough’s recent BBC programme, Climate Change – The Facts, tells us that that, unless things change, humanity faces a bleak future, or even self-inflicted extinction.

Obviously, the Extinction Rebels, in London, agree with me that we are on course to disaster, with government and business caring not one jot.

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if our galaxy, and even the universe itself, should blackly continue, devoid of any intelligence to observe, understand or explore?

Steve Kay, Redcar & Cleveland councillor