JULIA BREEN accuses For Britain of being anti-Muslim, and of “hate” (Echo, April 18).

That must be about the millionth time a left of centre or respectable centre ground journalist has accused the political right of “hate” without so much as the beginnings of an attempt to justify the insult.

I could throw any number of insults at Ms Breen without any justification for such insults, but I don’t want to sink to her level.

Plus if I did, that would doubtless contravene the hilarious website terms of The Northern Echo which bans abusive comments.

In contrast, abusive comments by journalists, working for The Northern Echo and other papers are apparently acceptable. The hypocrisy is jaw dropping.

Ms Breen should ponder the fact that according to a survey done by Chatham House, the number of Europeans who want Muslim migration to Europe stopped vastly outnumbers those who want it to continue. What’s Ms Breen going to do about this outbreak of horrible, horrible, beastly, wicked “hate”? I look forward to her filling us all in on that one, preferably using reason rather than insults.

Ralph Musgrave, Durham