WHAT a negative anti-Brexit letter from Brad Read (HAS, Apr 15). I despaired when I read a former Leave voter submitting to the scaremongering of the Remain supporters.

Like me Brad probably watches the BBC too much. One of his thoughts is certainly a new one on me – he voted to Leave to give the London elite a slap.

That certainly never crossed my mind. Brexit does not mean the UK is disappearing off the face of the earth. Leavers still want to work with the EU but not to be controlled by them. Brad then brings up the Irish situation saying: “Is Brexit honestly worth risking people’s lives for?”

Why would it? The EU says it doesn’t want a hard border and the UK has stated likewise.

Therefore, if the EU want to avoid bloodshed, which Brad says could happen due to Brexit, perhaps the EU leaders should compromise and be more flexible in their approach.

But wait, the word compromise isn’t in their vocabulary, probably a different language.

From Brad’s letter it would appear the EU will be stopping our young people travelling to their countries – but again why?

More paperwork might be required but no doubt that would be replaced in due course with a different system.

The UK would still welcome European youngsters.

Leavers do not want to stop immigration – we just want it controlled and if the legislation is already there let’s ensure it is used. Come on – be optimistic!

Mike Taylor, Darlington