BRAD READ (HAS, Apr 15) wasn’t alone in metaphorically sticking two fingers up at a London elite by voting Leave.

Had he looked closely at leading Brexiteers’ backgrounds he’d find the elite well represented.

Nigel Farage went to London’s expensive Dulwich College and then had a good job in the City.

Boris Johnson went to Eton, then Oxford and wrote for those establishment papers the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s father edited the Times, and young Jacob also went to Eton and Oxford before working in finance. You can’t get more establishment that those three.

Some very rich people have backed Brexit, so voting Leave wasn’t such an anti-establishment move.

Present debates about Brexit look like two factions of the Conservative Party fighting each other.

Nothing to do with the good of the British people. They deserve to lose support.

Roger Backhouse, York