DR PETER WILLIAMS’ letter on public car chargers and fracking (HAS, Apr 15) looked familiar, it’s identical to his letter in the Yorkshire Post!

Ryedale in North Yorkshire is an awfully big place, but I suspect that the electricity grid feeding the towns and villages would struggle to supply the load of public car chargers.

I suspect that it will only be town centres and industrial estates that can do it without very expensive infrastructure work.

As a guide, streets with overhead power to the houses are likely to struggle. The local electricity supplier is likely to have trouble with the sudden high loads.

I too have doubts over the Government’s wish to phase out petrol and diesel cars.

Has it been properly costed, and have they considered heavy goods vehicles?

Batteries are impractical for long distance freight, yet I see no sign of encouraging transfer to electrified rail which could have great potential.

We hear mention of hydrogen power, at the moment, almost all commercial hydrogen is derived from fossil fuels so it’s only clean at the point of use.

This needs to be thought through, forget the emotion, look at the science!

Anthony J. Foster, Peterlee