IN common with many people who hate the growing traffic pollution in our streets, I want to change to an electric car.

However, according to the online Open Charge Map, Ryedale in North Yorkshire is one of the poorest places in England for public charging points. Here, such points are an average of five miles apart, compared with rural Scotland's two miles.

Recently, the Parliamentary committee for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy strongly criticised the Government for its feeble response to a 2018 report critical of progress on electric vehicles. I wonder whether the official rhetoric on phasing out petrol and diesel cars by 2040 is any more than hot air.

The Scottish Government has created one of the most extensive charging networks in Europe – and that should also be happening here.

I call upon our MP Kevin Hollinrake to act for his poorly-served constituency. And while he's at it, we don't want the daily pollution from thousands of truck movements on our country roads because of his support for fracking (banned in Scotland).

Dr Peter Williams, Malton