WHAT people will try to do to sell their product. What next will we see at the side of a motorway?

Who at Heck thought up this ridiculous idea (Echo, April 1), a 60ft sausage looks obscene if built. This phallic like structure will get all kinds of nicknames and it won’t be sausage.

The helter-skelter idea is too much of a distraction to motorists at the side of a very busy motorway.

Surely Yorkshire can be better known for other than this monstrosity and that Arts Council funding can be better spent on more worthwhile projects which would benefit the area and its people.

How, I ask, can this sausage add to the cultural heritage of the area, as stated by Heck. Where is the heritage – inherited from the past or handed down by tradition?

What a sensible decision for a change that funding for something that only the company will benefit from and not the county has been refused by the EU.

Yes, if built it will put smiles on people’s faces saying what a waste of money and not in a pleasing way that the Angel of the North does, giving that welcome touch to the north in its vantage point.

The sausage idea is more in keeping with an American-style amusement park. Sausage making is not new to Heck as they are trying to make out – all good butchers wherever they are make good and possibly just as good sausages.

D. Reed, Darlington