WITH reference to the comments by Cllr John Shuttleworth about MPs bringing shame on themselves by not representing their constituents’ Brexit views, I agree almost 100 per cent.

I have lived for the past 65 years in two properties within a mile of each other and I have yet to get a councillor from any party or their representative at my door asking my opinion.

I contacted my MP a few weeks ago asking several questions as she was asking if we wanted Durham City to be a heritage city or a hen night city (Echo, Feb 1).

I thought this was a joke as we have already given planning permission to pubs, clubs and restaurants and all the university expansions.

I also asked about the proposal, which has already received in-house approval, regarding a big white elephant that is due to cost £50m that the county council wants to build on a prime site in the city centre.

And I asked how she was reflecting the views of the majority of her constituents in the House of Commons with regards Brexit, as on TV, it just seems to be a political party battle.

I received a request from one of her staff requesting my name and address as she could not reply unless l was a member of her constituency. This information I gave and I am still awaiting a reply.

It is therefore a breath of fresh air to read the comments of a councillor who is not afraid to represent the majority views of his constituents.

J Danby, County Durham