WHILST it is regrettable the number of police officers belonging to Durham Constabulary has reduced by some 400 since 2010 (HAS, Mar 18) it would have been useful if the current Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner, Mr Ron Hogg could have explained why his office staff have increased as police numbers have fallen, by around 20 per cent from 15 to 18 since he took office in 2012.

Moreover, his budget, in excess of £1m taken from the police precept, which has increased 13.24 per cent in the current financial year, could have been used to pay for additional three officers instead of an additional three administrators, many would agree.

It is also regrettable that neither Mr Hogg, nor his chief executive, Mr Stephen White, attended the consultation that took place in the Town Hall in Durham City on January 22.

James A Cowan, Durham