I SUSPECT that when Councillor John Shuttleworth (HAS, March 15) states that: "It is the duty of any elected representative, wherever possible, to carry out the wishes of their constituents, no matter what political flavour they are." He excludes himself and his fellow councillors.

The people of Durham, in their hundreds, objected to the proposed construction of a new Civic Centre beside the River Wear and also objected to the construction of a bypass, on the grounds of the pollution and congestion which would result.

But they were told that the daily increase of several hundred cars, lorries, etc. would not affect the atmosphere of a small city (incidentally a world heritage site).

I fail to understand that, unless all of these extra vehicles are electric and thus pollution free (almost) then said councillors have been been flexible with the facts.

I suspect that even an ‘adapted’ Boolean algebra, carefully explained by the logic of Professor Stanley Unwin, still couldn’t square that circle? So I assume his last statement “perhaps too many have their noses in the European trough,” should have ended with a question mark and not an apostrophe.

And yes, I will remember, when he comes knocking on my door.

D. Ross, Durham