I READ (Echo, Mar 4) that Sir Bill Beaumont is convening a meeting in Dublin regarding starting an International World Rugby League.

Might I suggest starting nearer home to try and sort out the major problem of why there are so many junior players who now do not go on to play senior men’s rugby?

Senior men’s rugby is dying a death with sides like Durham City who used to field six senior sides now struggling to field two sides.

City are not alone as it is happening everywhere. I started playing age nineteen but these days mini and juniors may have been playing for ten years by age 19 and may just be sick of the game or injured.

It may also be down to parents chaperoning little Johnny to all his rugby games but when he starts senior rugby, he must organise himself!

The RFU does not think there is a problem as they have bulked ladies’ rugby, mini and juniors and senior rugby all under one banner.

Senior men’s rugby is in a parlous state and Sir Bill should sort that out before the global World League.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville