CONGRATULATIONS to Councillors David Freeman and Mark Wilkes for highlighting the most recent example of Durham County Council wasting public money, by spending £16,500 for two large advertisements to promote the council’s plan to turn Aykley Heads into a business park (Echo, Feb 19).

Readers may recall that, in 2016 the council leader, Simon Henig wasted many thousands of pounds on a referendum to decide if the public wished to have a regional elected mayor.

Yet again we are treated to another example of an inept, spendthrift County Council.

The adverts tell us that the proposed business park will create up to 6,000 jobs.

However, the County Durham Plan states, at page 44, paragraph 4.55: “The site will provide approximately 4,000 jobs.”

This is, in itself, no more than a guess based on estimated floor space.

Surely the people of County Durham deserve better than this.

James A Cowan, Belmont